John started his career in the late 1980s, working in documentaries and news1 He then moved on to photojournalism, specializing in political commentary2 John has worked on and directed more than 100 documentaries3 He also has news credits ranging form CBC to Global, and CTV to ITN4 John's commercial video experience goes back 25 years5 Our crew have worked on promotional videos for national chains6 We have also shot programs for some of Canada's biggest companies7 We, however, have a soft spot for the small business owner and artists8 We use only high-grade, professional equipment9 We are able to produce multiple camera shoots10 Our innovation is an indication of our experience11 John has long-held a desire to help those in need12 His history of support to charities has made him known in the community13 Our team has donated more than 40 videos to various charities14 Some charities hold a special place to our team, but all are supported15 Our commitment to the community caused us to open Five Points Media16 Through that social enterprise, we work to help charities and the community17 Most of the services provided by Five Points Media are donated18 The services we provide extend the reach and exposure of benevolent groups19 In 2014, we were honoured by the Barrie Chamber of Commerce for our support20 We were also recognized by the Women and Children's Shelter of Barrie21 We have produced several videos for this vitally important charity22 In 2016 and throughout 2017 we were voted 'Best Videographers in Barrie'23 That honour was based on votes by local business operators and the public24