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Animation Services

Simple, affordable, practical, and effective.

This short video provides some examples of the thousands of customizable animation options available to our clients.

Sometimes the camera simply cannot go where you need it to be due to heat, pressure, or issues of safety. In those cases, the imagery has to be synthesized using custom 3D animation that produces broadcast-quality imagery of what cannot otherwise be seen. In response, we offer this service through trusted third-party specialists who also work on projects for big-budget movies and TV shows.

There are also times when graphics speak better than live videos, such as when discussing statistics, profits, and other numerical information. Movement catches the eye better than any other stimulus, and we have the ability to animate anything from logos to pictures to live video.

Animated logos and website animated memes are also proven to boost visits and profits.

We can also combine video with animation, both in a simulated environment and the real world. This mixing of media can help to authenticate computer-generated imagery and validate its use in production. For example, we produced a video about local artists, so what could be better than showing their work in a simulated gallery? Other effects, such as pages turning in a photo album full of provided images, raises the perceived value of the video as it takes time to print, layout, and record such a shot, but only seconds to drop in digital imagery and render the effect.

This saves our clients’ money and dramatically speeds up the production process.

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The process by which we produce many of these videos is template driven, and it offers thousands of options. Each script is editable and adaptable as to the content, the colours used, and the fonts selected. Our animations can be used to create fully fleshed-out video segments that require no further cleanup in post-production, or they can be used to augment what is already recorded.

Synthetic Productions

These videos are made with b-roll, animation, and imagination.

Not every video needs to be recorded at your facility in order to communicate a message. We have access to resources like b-roll libraries featuring millions of clips on every subject imaginable, and of course animation as demonstrated on this page. We can even create synthesized artificially intelligent voices that are far above and beyond the Cylon voiceover tools of the past.

Our team can create a custom video to promote your business without ever stepping into your facility.

This ability is especially valuable to virtual businesses or those without a brick and mortar workspace. Nothing screams "small and struggling" like recording a promotional video on your phone from your living room. We can make your business appear to be well-established without the huge expense of renting space or making props.

Our crew can work in virtually any conditions.

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