We recorded this explosion for the Fire Marshall from six angles.

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Broadcast Quality Studio and Location Video and Media Productions

Voted Best Videographers In Barrie 2014-2023.

In order to produce a professional and effective video that will educate your target audience or enhance sales for your business, two elements must be present:

  1. Technical proficiency earned through years of training and experience.
  2. The ability to tell a story in a way that flows and is interesting to your target audience.

Neither of these skills can be learned from a textbook or by watching a YouTube video. Also, neither can be faked. Imagery must be acquired properly at the scene so that it requires little if any correction during post-production. No matter what digital tricks are now available, you cannot turn bad imagery into good any more than you can make a silk purse from a sow's ear. What we can do is enhance well-shot sequences to make them true art. The recordings must also be collected at the scene in a way that they can be edited organically to allow the story or presentation to flow naturally.

We are the most experienced and best equipped independent production team and facilities north of Toronto.

Our Senior Producer, John Ironside, brings with him professional international experience that goes back 35 years and includes thousands of credits from all over the world including news, documentaries, commercial videos, educational content, live-action, and dramatic performances for television.

Our crew are all graduates of recognized programs in broadcasting and television, and we run formal on-site training programs and on-the-job training.

Our team is molded together through many shared professional experiences. This means they know what is needed for each shot and how to use the array of professional tools available to their best advantage.

This optimizes production time, improving product quality while making the best use of our client’s investment in our expert services.

We also possess the most advanced range of professional equipment north of the GTA, including all that is needed to record in our main or kitchen set studios, and while on location. Our cameras are all designed for one purpose, to record video, and we bring a wide variety of specialty equipment from cameras that function underwater to flying drones, to thermal and scope imaging. We do not use DSLRs or any kind of phone to acquire our recordings. The ability to acquire top quality straight from the location is key to our crew providing the best quality video possible.

Your on-line video will likely be the first impression potential new clients will see of your business.

We are known mostly for our high level of proficiency, and our client base has included Royal Victoria Hospital, Georgian College, the City of Barrie, manufacturers and industrial companies all over Central Ontario, and countless charities, not-for-profits, benevolent community groups, and special interest organizations.

Our commitment to perfection is why we hold a 4.9 star ranking on Facebook.

Commercial Video

Our team specializes in recording videos that increase profits for business.

Online video is now the most powerful tool of commercial promotion ever known, as it reaches tens of thousands of potential customers with moving imagery, sound, music, graphics, effects, and testimonials, all wrapped up in a program using a medium we have all been taught to be comfortable with for more than eight decades.

It is not uncommon for business owners to experience a thirty to one return on investment when producing professional grade videos.

This playlist of dozens of full-length examples will show that on the ground, in the air, or even under water, our crew has the experience and the tools to get the job done in a way that will hold the attention of and impress potential customers in a way that will increase sales of your product or service.

All of our production equipment is designed only for professional video production.

Supporting business in Canada through the CFIB.

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