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Package Offers

Below are a few examples of special packages we are offering currently.

We all know that the current trend is to increase prices, sometimes for questionable reasons. In response, we are providing a way for our clients to save money while increasing sales through the promotional power of online video.

You enjoy all of the benefits but at a greatly reduced cost.
However, all of these offers are available only for a limited time and are subject to cancellation.

During the down period of 2020 and 2021 our crew got busy and we built two studios within our facilities at the Big Blue Box Studios. One is a standard studio in which we raised the ceiling three feet, sound buffered all walls, and installed an A/I controlled lighting rig. The other is a fully-functional kitchen set that allows us to produce cooking shows and conversational programming. To the best of our knowledge, ours are the only independent professional studios of their kind north of the GTA.

Please download the details of this offer here.

Studio Series 10

Ten one-minute studio recorded videos including post-production and titles.

The series of videos shown here are real examples of what we produced for Tayler Insurance & Estate Planning based on this offer. The owner, Taivi Tayler, chose to augment the last of the videos with recordings of the interior of her building and to include drone shots of her property. That extra footage goes a long way to authenticate and validate her business, which was the intention.

We will record and produce ten one-minute studio-based videos for just $999.00.

This package includes the exclusive use of our studio for up to half a day, professional wireless audio, industry standard lighting, 4K recording using a broadcast quality camera, and state of the art post-production and titling.

We can say without hyperbole that there is no better comparable deal available in Ontario.

Location Series 10

Ten one-minute videos recorded on location including post-production and titles.

We are always happy to head out for a road trip. This offer is similar to the Studio Series 10 package, but instead of you coming to our studio we bring the show to you. There is a small additional fee to cover loading our equipment, traveling, and setup.

Ten one-minute videos recorded at your location including post-production and titles for only $1,199.00.

The videos presented here are true examples of what we produced for DePalma and Associates Paralegal Services. Upon our arrival we assessed the available lighting and turned it all off.

Apparently, the fluorescent lights had been deemed acceptable by a previous videographer and the owner, Christina DePalma was surprised and impressed when we rolled into her office with half a dozen professional grade video lights with which we brought out her best features and those of her office.

Christina noted later that the difference in quality of imagery was quite amazing.

Location Plus

A 10 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec, cut from original footage and augmented with b-roll

Not everybody is keen to talk on camera, and we have a work around that is very effective. This offer also works well for people who have jobs that are not easily adaptable to video. So, we offer more heavily edited videos that show the business in a good light without expecting the owner to play a role for the cameras.

This package is much more time-consuming during post-production, and is available for only $1,499.00.

These videos are especially effective when used on websites and social media. The ten second version is a stinger intended to inspire clicks to your website, while the 30 second is a broad overview of your business, and the 60 second is intended to answer questions.

The package shown here included an extra 60 second video, which required special pricing. The package includes one each of the 10, 30, and 60 second videos.

Online video is the most powerful method of self-promotion ever known.
Professionally produced videos can generate as much as a 30 times return on investment.

Our fully functional kitchen set.

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