On location video recording.

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Our Facilities

We offer the best-equipped video and media production facilities north of the GTA.

One of the primary reasons for hiring any professional regardless of the service they provide is the tools of the trade that they bring with them to get the job done correctly and efficiently. In that regard, our team at 3B Solutions is unmatched. Not only do we offer full studio and location services, but we also bring with us every piece of professional equipment that could ever be needed for any conceivable project.

It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

The above statement has been noted elsewhere with this website, and that is because it is the credo by which we live and work. We use only professional-grade equipment, and we bring with us everything we could possibly need to ensure the best shots are attained in the shortest time for the most conservative budget.

When we reached the point of having too much essential equipment to haul in our van, we bought a trailer.

On one shoot we unravelled a 50 x 50 ft square white tarp to block and diffuse outside light that was pouring in from a very large set of windows. The client asked how many times we used that size of diffusion and was amazed to learn we had used it exactly twice in more than a decade. Regardless, we brought it with us on every shoot, just in case, and on that day the attention to detail paid off.

It is that attention to detail and our consideration for the 'what ifs' of life that makes our team so exceptional.

As is noted in our studio page, during the pandemic we tore half of our building apart, ripping out insulation and drywall from stem to stern. Then we rebuilt it all in a way that dampens noise and suppresses natural light. We also raised the ceiling by no less than three feet so we could install an AI-driven lighting rig. That was no small investment, and we did it because we know that by improving our facilities we are better able to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Ours are not tools you buy from Walmart so we must have everything we need on set on the day of recording.

We have also invested heavily in post-production options, including access to a library featuring millions of pieces of b-roll video and copyright-free songs. These options save our clients tens of thousands of dollars each year, as do our animation options. We also have access to thousands of video and audio effects that augment the production value of any commercial or community video.

Our post-production computer is so fast we nicknamed it “Punch It Chewie”.

Effects Driven

Sometimes lights, camera, action is just not enough.

Our crew are very tech savvy and for very little cost we can produce special effects, both physical and digital, that will impress your clients and hold up under scrutiny.

We don't claim to be a Hollywood Effects team, but we have done some pretty cool stuff over the years.

This playlist includes six full-length programs produced by our crew that are heavily driven by effects. These ranged from digitally enhancing young superheros to blowing up a bar and producing fire danger videos for the provincial office of the Fire Marshall.

There is no point in denying that these were a lot of fun to make.

Our fully functional kitchen set.

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