Brenda Lussier-Neumueller, the Deaf Swimmer, crossing Lake Ontario.

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Community Support

We care about our community and we show it by promoting groups and individuals who are helping those in the greatest need.

We have donated more than 300 videos to more than 190 charities and community groups.

Our Producer, John Ironside, is very community-minded, and after opening 3B Solutions in 2011 he realized those who work hard as volunteers to help others could benefit from donated services. Requests for help came in from various charities and benevolent organizations, and in response, we created Five Points Media, a not-profit-motivated social enterprise.

Between 2015 and 2022 we donated more than 300 videos to our community, valued at about $600,000.00.

During the lock downs of 2020 and 2021, we used the downtime to expand our facilities by building two studios. Our expectation was that we would use the new creative spaces for both commercial and community work, so we designed them accordingly. We also rebranded our community service and changed the status of our charitable work by creating the Ontario Community Awareness Network, or OCANetwork, which is a provincially registered non-profit.

In 2020 our Producer and crew were chosen as one of three finalists in the Barrie Chamber of Commerce "Paying It Forward Award" for altruism.

The OCANetwork is a community-oriented and locally focused broadcast-quality online media service that offers support and a nonjudgmental voice to those who are all too often ignored by mainstream media. In addition to producing thought-provoking broadcast-quality social video projects, we provide production crew and equipment free of charge for selected public events and fully donated services to many local charities and not-for-profit groups. We also offer dramatically reduced rates to vetted benevolent organizations and community groups that charge for their services or which receive government funding.

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Our mission is to tell the stories that don't make it past the assignment editors of mainstream media.

Our team is community-oriented, and our goal is to help improve the lives of those who share our community, and to provide a voice to those who are forced into silence because their message does not gel with corporate culture. For more than seven years our crew has donated our services to a wide range of benevolent groups and charities. Some are household names while others have quietly tended to the needs of a small sector of our community with neither fanfare nor recognition.

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