On location video recording with the Nottawasaga OPP.

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Location Services

We offer the best equipped and most experienced location production crew in Central Ontario

Since 2010, our team at 3B Solutions has built its reputation as an on-location video and media production crew. In 2014 we learned that we were listed as one of the “Best Videographers in Barrie” on the international business rating resource “Three Best Rated”, and we have maintained that ranking consistently through to 2023. We are very proud of our new sound custom-built studio space, and we welcome our clients to try this option.

However, we remain just as happy to bring the show to you.

We always bring with us all of the tools needed to get the job done. Not every job is the same, and as such we never know what we can expect to need that day. To ensure we have what we need, we bring everything with us to every job.

It is better to have it and not need than need it and not have it.

On a recent shoot, we needed two standard operator cameras, a drone, a sealed underwater camera, and a thermal imaging camera. We had them all and then surprised everybody when we pulled out a lipstick camera that we guided through the walls to record the “impossible”. It would not do his reaction justice to say that the client was delighted and dismayed that we had brought with us exactly what we needed to do their project justice.

Perhaps most important, all of this gear is ours, never rented, so our crew knows how it works the second it leaves the van or trailer. We also have an in-house training program for any new equipment that is mandatory for all of our crew to attend.

This means our clients get more bang for their buck as there is no on-the-job learning required.

Currently, our crew as a unit has more than 500 credits to their name, and our producer’s dossier contains recognition of more than 5,000 projects produced in Canada, England, Scotland, multiple European countries, Israel, and Greece. He is also a former news videographer covering war zones for international news and he has worked on projects with groups like Greenpeace.

At the end of it all, we found we had built two very effective professional studios that can be used by our clients, and for programming produced by our not-for-profit community channel, the Ontario Community Awareness Network, or OCANetwork.

On Location

Full 4K production values brought to you, wherever you are.

Our crew bring with them literally thousands of international and local credits in news, documentaries, drama, and commercial and other programming. We also possess every tool of location production we could likely ever need, and often spares.

This means we are on site, properly equipped, and ready to record video anywhere we are needed.

This playlist includes dozens of full-length productions produced by our crew while working on location. The diversity of these programs demonstrates the range of creativity of which we are capable, and the limitless nature of our technology.

Both of which are second to none in the region.

If it turns out our camera is too big, we have options.

Supporting business in Canada through the CFIB.

Last updated on May 4, 2023
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