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Live Productions

When the show must go on, you need to know your crew will catch every moment.

Regardless of what kind of show or event you want to have recorded, live video offers unique issues that require the services of truly professional Videographers who bring with them only top-of-the-line equipment that is intended solely for video production. Due to our producer’s unique and broad-reaching experience, he and the crew he has trained have proven repeatedly to be the best choice for live productions. It is easy to understand that if your videographer has reported from inside war zones, photographed riots and civil unrest, and covered life-threatening events, they must know how to set up, focus, frame, and record faster than anybody who is not experienced in that area of video production.

News, especially on the international level, is an amazing training ground for rapid setups and stable shooting in bad situations.

Our Producer, John Ironside, has worked in journalism for both video and print in places ranging from Canada to Europe to the Middle East, including in the Balkans during their civil unrest, in the Israel during the Gulf War, and on the open seas with groups like Greenpeace. He also brings with him thousands of credits in documentaries and live location shooting. He also worked for several years with a Gemini-nominated Director of Cinematography during which he learned more about lighting and camera operations than most aspiring videographers could ever wish to experience.

He also worked for several years with a Gemini-nominated Director of Cinematography.

We own our own lighting and recording equipment and seldom rent anything. So, we know how to set up our own gear at any location to obtain the best results. To our way of thinking, it is unprofessional to arrive on set with cameras and equipment you do not know like the back of your hand or to see crew mulling around trying to figure something out while referencing an on-line manual on their phone.

Our cameras are synced before we arrive on the set, and they are matched for colour and exposure.

We have recorded and produced all manner of live programs ranging from stage performances to holiday events to sports and martial arts competitions and concerts. Many of these one-of-a-kind happenings required multiple cameras and operators who worked together as a team to cover all the angles and show as much as possible to the audience.

To put it simply, we leave nothing to chance as there is rarely time to troubleshoot.

Live Events Video

When it comes to a one shot production, small snippets are not enough.

Our video at the top of this page shows small portions of a variety of shows as its purpose is to attract your interest. We are guessing we accomplished that goal. Well, anybody can show you a few seconds that rocked, but most will not show you the entire program as to do so would show the flaws.

We are so confident of our competence that in this playlist we show the entirety of the live programs we have created that we are free to show.

When your event is a one-time happening and you need to be sure it is recorded, you need to hire the crew and the equipment that stands alone as the best to serve your needs. That team and that gear are only available through 3B Solutions.

Our fully functional kitchen set.

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