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Our Team

We offer the best equipped and most experienced location production crew in Central Ontario.

3B Solutions is, to the best of our knowledge, the only full-time stand-alone, studio and location production facility in Simcoe County. We are also highly unique regarding experience, which for us goes back 35 years and includes work across Canada, for US producers, and in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and other countries.

In an age of YouTube-trained “producers,” that experience is a game-changer.

Our crew members are ALL graduates of official programs in Television Broadcasting, Film Production, and/or Photography. They also undertake regular on-the-job training to improve their knowledge of our professional equipment and production techniques. Our Producer brings with him seven years of formal education in the field, plus experience in the industry that spans from studio programming to covering war zones in places like the Balkans during the Bosnian Civil War and the Middle East during the first Gulf War. John also taught media training at various colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.

The video posted above is an example of our training program. Our younger Associates had an idea and were given free rein to write a script, edit the written content, light the scenes, record the video, and then edit the recorded video into an end product.

Our senior producer provided only feedback and guidance when necessary, and he participated in the recording as a character.

This kind of positive and supportive guidance has been proven to work well for people with creative minds, which is the only kind of people we recruit to be part of our team. No on-line training program can provide that kind of personal tutelage. Our program also ensures that our crew members are fully versed in our equipment and techniques and that they are always ready to work in the studio or on location with no or minimal instruction required.

That saves time and money for our clients,
even if they don't know it is happening.

John Ironside - Producer

John Ironside is a 35 year veteran of international video production and journalism. In addition to having worked in virtually every form of media, he has also taught those subjects at Fanshawe College in London, and at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

Throughout the past decade, John has been noted by the independent consumer advocates of "Three Best Rated" as being a top videographer in Barrie.

In addition to experience in video production, John has worked as a photojournalist and then Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper, and as news camera and photographer during the Bosnian Civil War and the first Gulf War in the Middle East. John's hundreds of credits in documentary production range from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to Greenpeace in Europe.

John likes to keep it professional but fun on the set.

Tiffany Scott - Associate Producer

Tiffany has loved video and television production ever since she was a child. That passion has only blossomed and grown over the years. She graduated with her Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture focused in broadcasting after a two year program that focused on media production.

Tiffany has also climbed, crawled, and wormed her way into ever inch of our new studio facilities as she has helped directly in the construction and wiring.

Tiffany has been working with 3B Solutions and the OCANetwork (formerly Five Points Media) since 2017, and has expanded her knowledge substantially through her experiences. She is one of the Associate Producers working on location and in-studio productions, and is one of our best video editors.

One day, Tiffany hopes to direct her own feature film.

Sarah Bianco - Associate Producer

Sarah Bianco is a graduate of the Humber College Film and Television Production program. She came to 3B Solutions originally in 2019 to complete her internship, but due to the pandemic, she was unable to stay on after she graduated. Sarah was invited back to 3B Solutions and the OCANetwork in October 2022.

Sarah has formed a strong relationship with our studio dogs and they like to spend time with her.

Sarah has lived and worked in Barrie her whole life and has had an interest in the field of video production ever since her first year of high school. During her three years at Humber, Sarah was the camera operator for several large projects and she wrote several original stories. Sarah works with the OCANetwork as one of our Associate Producers, working both on location and in studio.

Ruben Sanches - Associate Producer

Ruben is an internationally experienced professional photographer who is now training to become a videographer. He is a visual artist from the United Kingdom who came to Canada in 2017 to study a 2-year degree in photography. In 2019, Ruben started working as a photojournalist for Snap'd Media for which he covered local community events and in late 2022.

That experience made Ruben an ideal candidate to become part of the team at 3B Solutions and the OCANetwork.

Ruben is always working to learn new skills and to develop techniques and a style of his own. His purpose is to create masterpieces that impact and inspire people from all around the world.

The Puppers

Anybody who has visited our studio knows right away that our dogs are as much a part of our crew as any person. We also get people just dropping by to pet the pups.

Bailey is our old girl, and the matriarch of the pupper team. She was rescued as a pup from a crack house when the owner of the mother decided to just make the puppies disappear. She has been with our Producer for almost a dozen years and is very loyal and loving.

Bella came to us as an eight week old puppy and was so small she could fit easily inside a jacket. That didn't last long, and although she is over 110 lbs and is nicknamed the Moose, she has no idea how big she is and just wants to play like a puppy.

Mae came to us as a foster through Lost Boys Hope and she melted our hearts until John adopted her. When she arrived, she was covered in stripes of spray paint as she was being used in the wilds of Northern Manitoba for target practice. She now has good food, two live-in furry friends, and more love than she can handle from the boss and our crew members. She really did win the lottery and she knows it.

Our fully functional kitchen set.

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